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Makeup Classes

Have you ever struggled with finding skin care and makeup products that worked well for you? Or even how to apply them?

I am now offering group makeup classes! Get together with a few of your friends for a specialized class and learn how to master your application!

A class focused on skin prep and your basic makeup application that you can dress up or down. We touch on basic techniques, step-by-step application, products used, product recommendations, and your personal makeup/skin care bag cleanout. I also provide a take home packet to help refresh your memory once you get home and try for yourself! *5 Person minimum

Have all these products and don't know what to do with them all? What to toss? What to keep? We do a thorough clean out of your skin/makeup bag, followed with tips on how to use what you keep & skin care/makeup product recommendations.

Same as "The Basics" this class is focused on mature skin textures and types. I like to address this more towards woman who are 40+

*5 Person Minimum

The Basics 

The Cleanout

$50 / ea

$30 / 1/2 hr

$50/ ea

This is a hands on, one on one class in which I apply half the face and teach you to apply the other! Work together to learn how to use nd understand your products and tools. I will also provide a bag cleanout and recommendation list for the best products for you.

The 1-on-1

$75 /hr

The Basics Refined