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Hand spraying a can of hairspray

Don't want a stamped look?

Great, 'cause

- me either.



"I don't want to look like every other painted face I see. I want to feel like ME on my wedding day." And I couldn't agree more.

Creating an overall cohesive and elevated  look to your unique personality and features is my jam.

You may even be worried about having a Debbie-downer, or a stressed out artist for your day (insert another thing to stress about on the already very long list)


Well I'm not down with all that.

 I believe you deserve beauty vendors who are going to show up with bells on, who are prepared and organized, and ready to pamper the heck out of you.

I think you deserve a little me time on your wedding day.

I think you deserve someone who will create a calm and cool atmosphere.

Someone to share some laughs and sing along to some throwbacks with you.

I think you deserve

someone who cares about more than just the hair and makeup.

I know what you're thinking -
Meet Miranda

Believe it or not, I was always one of the lucky ones who knew exactly what I wanted to do with my life. As soon as I found out you could do this for a living, I was all in. From teachers to family, I was discouraged. But my passion for this ever changing and creative field was so loud, I couldn't hear them anyway.

I've painted hundreds of faces and curled endless heads of hair. With 10 years of experience, I feel confident in delivering your wedding day look and have a whole lot of fun doing it. I'm prepared to double as an open ear when you need to vent, a sound board when you need help with the logistics, and a friend to "woo!" with you as you pop bottles of champagne for your morning mimosas. 


Hair and makeup artist with her eqipment

Gabrielle H

Miranda has a wonderful energy which was so important to me. Morning of I knew I was in the best care

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