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Three Things to Avoid for the Best Wedding Day Morning

I'm guessing you're here because you'd like to avoid a chaotic morning, filled with hungover bridesmaids and dirty hotels rooms with everyone on top of each other, scrambling to find your shoes when you're already running 20 minutes behind.

Less on the chaos, more on the brunch and chill.

As someone who has done hundreds of weddings, seen almost every hotel room in the Rhode Island and Massachusetts area, and witnessed every getting ready scenario you can think of, I'm here to shed some light on how to plan for an easy-breezy wedding day morning.

Girl putting makeup on someone with a brush


#1 You didn't book a big enough getting ready space for Hair and Makeup

Why is this a big deal?

  • A lot of People + Small Room = Chaotic energy. More noise, more anxiety, more stress

  • There's not enough room to enjoy yourself and hang out. There's not enough seating for everyone to hang, no room to display the food and mimosas, and no room to steam the dresses.

  • There's no room for your photographer to take pretty photos. The likely hood of your room or suite getting trashed is likely, and if you want those pretty dress and detail photos, your photographer is going to need a clean well lit area to take them in

  • There's no room for your hair and makeup artists to work. We need room for our lights, table surfaces, chairs, equipment, etc. We need a lot more room than you think!

#2 You told your party they didn't have to arrive for their Hair and Makeup appointment up until it was their scheduled time

Why is this a big deal?

  • If someone is running late for their hair and makeup appointment, I'm now unable to take the next person if no one is there.

This can cause a backup, leading to you running behind all day.

  • If everyone is there getting ready with each other, it allows more flexibility in the timeline and keeps things consistently moving

#3 You didn't build in enough buffer time

Why is this a big deal?

  • Having too much time is always better than not having enough time

  • Things tend to take much longer than you anticipated on a wedding day

As my friend, Elaina, from Revel Joy Events says, "Being able to say 'We have time' is a lot better feeling then being rushed through events and told we don't have time."
  • More time = Less stress / Less time = More stress

  • If anything goes off schedule, knowing you already planned for it is a reassuring feeling.

In need of a hair and makeup artist that will set you up for success and keep you moving' and groovin' all day?


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