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Popular Wedding Day Hairstyles: To Glam Wave or not to Glam Wave - That is the question.

A bride holding flowers in Newburyport MA

I think if I had a nickel for every bride who wanted to do the famous glam waves hairstyle for her wedding day, I'd be rich. However, if I had a nickel for every time a client had the hair, venue environment, and weather conditions for them.... I'd have significantly less nickels.

I get it - Its a pretty hairstyle. Its classic, glamorous, you get to wear your hair down which most people seem to want to do, and its a bridal "look." So don't get me wrong here, I'm not against it! But it's my job to always be a real one and give you my professional advice and honest opinion.

As my friend and colleague Sarah Naslund, owner of My Big Hair Day, puts it, "Its a ball room hairstyle - you're not working against the elements." The venue has temperature control, no wind, no humidity, and so salty breeze summer air. I like to call it photo shoot hair - You comb it perfectly into place, quick spritz of hair spray, and take the picture. You move around, it needs to be fixed again.

This wedding day hairstyle also works best with hair extensions. It needs the volume and density most people aren't blessed with (and by most, I mean 9/10 people) and it also helps the style last longer as hair extensions tend to be quite durable.

So now that I rained on your parade a bit... ( I don't mean to ... but I am a realist) Let's discuss what to consider before you commit and what you can do if your heart is set on them as your desired wedding day hairstyle!

  • Consider your venue environment. Is it on a beach? Ballroom? Barn? The elements will work against you the windier / closer to the water it is

  • Consider your season: Fall wedding = less humidity. Spring and summer = more humidity.

  • Add some hair! I love Luxy Hair Seamless Collection Clip ins

  • Consider your hair cut - If it is heavily layered or no layers at all, this will also play a factor in the outcome.

  • Be flexible - if we just have to accept your hair will fall, maybe a looser less defined glam wave is for you.

  • No touching - this is a "no touch zone" hair style. Less fussing the better!

At the end of the day, I'm here to please, and if glam waves is what you want then glam waves is what we will do! I hope you have found this insightful and helpful in picking your wedding day hairstyle.


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