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All About Hair Extension Rental Services

How you can elevate your wedding day hairstyle with my hair extensions rental services

Girl with clip-in hair extensions

I know it sounds weird - renting hair? What the heck?

Let's start by discussing my reasoning behind offering such services. In the past, I have always just told my clients which extensions to buy, send them a link, and told them to bring them on the wedding day. However, specifically within this past year, I have run into some learning curves and issues that have made buying extensions not only difficult for my clients but for me as well.

The First Issue: Color Matching, Density, and Length of the Hair Extensions

Hair extensions come in not only all different colors, but all different lengths and density (grams.) Finding the perfect color match online can be difficult and confusing looking through the color swatches.

Density can also be deceiving as you think you're getting a great deal for $65 clip-in hair extensions and they turn out to be sad, stringy, thin hair extensions wefts that are only 80g and are just not gonna cut it. We need the bigggg thick daddy 150g+ hair extensions! And nothing less.

And finally, the length of the hair extensions can become an issue if you aren't buying the right length and realize they are shorter than your natural hair!

By having an inventory of clip-in hair extensions on hand at the client's trial appointment, we can go through many options and see which extensions would be best for the client. This takes the guesswork out of it, and also allows them to see if hair extensions are something they would be interested in for their wedding day. It gives us room to play and create without the stress of purchasing the right or wrong hair extensions.

The Second Issue: Investment

I'm sure spending $300 - $400+ on clip-in hair extensions was not something you necessarily wanted to invest in - and I get that! I wanted to find another alternative to allow my clients to have their wedding day dream hair, without spending hundreds on hair extensions you may never reuse.

With the clip-in hair extension rentals, you can rent any color, length, density, for half the cost per set. Client's will typically spend between $100 - $200 for rentals, depending on how many sets they may need for their desired look.

The Third Issue: Not Realizing Your Style Requires Hair Extensions

Hair can be tricky - with photoshop and other editing tools being so popular, it can be hard to tell the difference between real hair and hair extensions. (Not to burst your bubble, but most of it is all smoke and mirrors and hair extensions!) A lot of clients don't actually know they need extensions until we start consulting at their trial. It then can become difficult to create the desired style at their trial because I now don't have all the extra hair I need, which can result in a poorly executed style and client's feeling like they can't envision how their hair will look on the actual wedding day. I would prefer for the wedding day to not be a rehearsal! Having the clip-in hair extensions rentals on hand allows the client to have a clearer vision of what their hair will look like on the wedding day.

Okay, that sounds cool but what do I do with the rented hair extensions after the wedding?

On the day of the wedding, I will provide a large mailing envelope with the return address already on it. All you need to do is take the extensions out, put them in the envelope, and mail them within 3 days. A signed agreement and credit card is required to be kept on file in case of damages, lost, delayed, or stolen product. If you use the clip-in hair extensions for the trial, those must be taken out before you leave your appointment.

Can my party members rent them too?

Unfortunately at this time, I am only renting clip-in hair extensions to the contracted client. (Bride, Host, etc.)

My goal is to provide a seamless experience for my clients, and do whatever I can do to make their lives easier. I am hoping everyone is excited for this new offer and I'm looking forward to expanding upon it next year!

Big thank you to Marissa Grace Artistry for sharing this idea to me and her followers.


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